Monday, January 11, 2016


I know when I want to look back on this little space for memories I'm going to be so disappointed that I didn't keep up with it better.  I'm trying though self, I really am!

all i want for any holiday is to spend it doing something fun with my people.  and my idea of fun is totally mom-ish but i'm perfectly happy with that.  this is the life i chose! we did it up with dinner out, sparklers, neighborhood fireworks, and root beer floats.  cooper crashed at 10:30 and we did right after the ball dropped! 

cooper is especially into helping me "cook" lately, let's be honest, i'm not much of a cook but i can make some mean packaged muffins or cinnamon rolls! he is happy to do any task large or small as long as it means he's being a "helper".  he likes to drag his little chair from his table over to the counter and rinse things off in the sink, like his strawberries last night, or rinse out the bowls.  he alternates between making me want to cry with frustration because "why is he all of the sudden throwing things when he gets mad???" to making me feel like i've got the best kid in the world.  we all have our flaws.  i just wish his didn't include throwing and breaking our most precious sound machine. all jokes aside, i am proud of him and i try to remind myself of the frustrations that being a three year old must come with. so big, yet still so small. 

for the past 8-10 years my family has always gone to atlanta the day after christmas for a yummy meal at a good restaurant and some shopping/returning/etc. we didn't this year because my mom had to work but we went a couple weeks after to atlantic station. we ate at the cheesecake bistro which was not as good as it used to be, browsed some stores, let the kids fill up on candy, and my mom took them on a little train ride.  family time is my favorite!

santa brought cooper a big boy bike for christmas and i am thrilled with how much he loves it now that he has figured it out.  if he can't ride it outside he does laps around the living room. he look a little spill last night (yes we have helmets BTW) and i made a point to tell him that the best thing to do is get right back on, that's what champions do! he hopped back on and kept calling himself a champion the rest of the night. i can't wait until he can ride without training wheels and we can go on bike rides together.

his dimple in this picture kills me.  i absolutely love that he only has one! he gets a serious kick out of freaking me out and was driving around standing up on this power wheels lightening mcqueen.  my instinct is to keep him protected in a bubble but then i have to remind myself that he is a boy and i want him to be brave, take chances, etc.  just don't break any bones or do anything that requires stitches, cooper!

i'm pretty excited about this new year! bring it 2016!

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