Monday, February 1, 2016


mondays.  easily the least favorite day of the week for me.  the weekends are never quite long enough and the drive to north atlanta is far too long.  we were playing outside this morning {yes, i get paid to play which is quite nice most of the time!} and it dawned on me that my boy is going to be four years old this year.  we just have one more year of him not in school full time.  pretty soon my monday mornings will be a whole lot more lonelier and monday-ish without my best boy.  

i figured it out a long time ago, making broad claims isn't exactly the path to success for me - so while i want to say that i'm going to fully cherish all of the mondays between now and then, i probably won't - and that's okay.  i just want to be more aware of the fact that this is all fleeting.  

sappy thoughts for your monday!

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