Wednesday, February 17, 2016


i really didn't want to get up when the alarm went off at 5:45 this morning but since i need to pay bills and bills require money and money requires working --- we hit the ground running.  wednesdays are the only day each week where i have to go to work without cooper because he has preschool, so i normally dread them like the plague because i hate (hate!) having to be away from him all day.  there's just something about being 2 hours away and knowing you can't get to your kid quickly if you need to that is completely panic attack inducing.  i try not to wander there.


so i dropped him off with my sister, stopped by quik trip for gas and a sugar free red bull, saw a donut that looked good (because i'm "dieting" and not supposed to be eating them), bought the donut that looked good, and then hit the interstate for two dreadful hours of traffic.  except! it wasn't dreadful which was a huge surprise. the sun was rising, my favorite songs were playing on the radio, and i was full after drinking my red bull and eating only half of my donut that looked good! my mind wandered to the time when i'm done with nursing school and working a job that actually pays well but still allows me to be with my boy and my heart felt SO happy.  when the sun shines just right it feels me up with such hope and excitement for all that is to come.  i get so stuck in the everyday that i forget that we have so much good surrounding us and so many good things to come.  i'm content where i'm at but this story is no where near being finished.

i think i'm going to need to stop off for more red bulls and donuts on the way to work in the near future.

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