Friday, April 8, 2016


five things i want to be more intentional about:

1// i finally charged up my camera and put it to use last night snapping some pictures of cooper and taking a video of him for an idea i came up with.  i only use my phone for pictures which is fine for Facebook and Instagram but once i get them printed i'm always disappointed.  be more intentional with my "big camera".

2// more time playing.  i play with cooper everyday, giving him my undivided attention like he needs and deserves, but probably not enough.  be more intentional about making time to play with cooper.

3// more eating better, less eating out.  meal planning and me are like working out and me, i REALLY want to do it but the follow through is less than there.  (although i have worked out four nights in a row this week because i tried on a bathing suit and, no) be more intentional with my body and what i'm putting into it. 

4// less wanting more being content.  i have a really hard time looking at pinterest and instagram without feeling like I NEED THAT. I WANT THAT. IF I DON'T HAVE THAT I'LL DIE. WHY ISN'T MY HOUSE SO PRETTY? be more intentional about being content with what i do have.

5// working more on the things that matter more.  pouring more thought and time into my relationships with family, friends, and eric. taking time to work on my etsy shop so it can become what i want and need it to be. be more intentional about what i'm watering. Facebook and Instagram don't really matter.

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