Monday, June 13, 2016


ever feel like you need a big change and then just go for it? head first? sink or swim, you aren't really sure but its gotta happen?

first off, i've had long hair pretty much my whole life i think.  once in high school and right after i had cooper i cut A LOT of hair off (like a foot each time) and ended up hating it so much.  my hair prior to friday was verrrrry close to my butt and getting on my nerves every day.  so long. so boring. so hot. i've never had my hair dyed before but i knew i wanted it done at some point or another so i looked on pinterest, found a dyed head i liked, and decided that's what i was doing.  i wasn't so sure on the length though.  maybe i'd keep it long, maybe i wouldn't? well as i was IN the salon, IN the chair, waiting for her to take payment from her previous customer i STILL didn't know.  so she says what are we doing and i show her the dyed hair (called a biologe?) and she says what about length and i said i don't know, so she suggested starting to chop and i could call it quits whenever i wanted.  so she chops off 3 inches.  she chops off 3 more inches.  and at that point i said "what the heck, make it just like the picture.  a little below the shoulders".  so she did and.... I LOVE IT.

when she got done and curled my hair i felt so good.  i felt different and fresh and stylish.  i'm afraid i've started something here but like my sister said, it's good to treat yourself every couple of months.  so i think i will!

i really need to do an update on cooper.  next month he turns four. four! why? how has it been four years since he fit in the length of my arm and only wanted and needed me? he is so full of life and love, i could never put into words exactly what he is to me but oh do i love him. 

this past weekend we didn't really do much but last weekend the shady dale rodeo was happening so we were there, of course.  we are definitely not country people but i love a good rodeo!  cooper was most excited for the bull riding event, which was of course last, but he stayed pretty entertained for the first two hours worth of events.  we got cotton candy, maybe the most delicious i've ever had, and tried to distract cooper from the various vendors selling things that he needed.  up until this point he hasn't been much of a begger/asker for things we see in stores and whatnot but lately he has been driving me crazy about "getting something".  no, you don't always get something, sorry!

i go through phases where i'm addicted to pinterest and lately i have been.  the thing about being addicted to pinterest means that i'm not happy with my house at all - i want to DIY everything, redo everything, and repaint everything, etc.  it's really not good.  this little bookshelf coat hanger above? i'm going to talk my dad into doing a little father daughter bonding and building one together.  i've got some time this summer and i want to do some fun things with it before august gets here and we're hit with a big truckload of change!  i need to do a post on the summer fun we've had so far.. stone mountain, the splash pad, cookouts, etc. 

okay i could keep going but i think i'll stop there.

happy monday!

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