Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dear Cooper // You're Four!

Cooper Jimmy Jam,

I just recently started reading over my blog posts from 4+ years ago when I documented my pregnancy weekly and then your life weekly for the first year, I can't believe I am not writing to my four year old son.  You're four whole years old, I just can't believe it.  Okay, I know I have too but what I don't know is why time must go by so quickly.

Sunday night, two days after your 4th birthday, I went into check on you before I went to sleep like I always do every night and I found you laying across your bed width-wise.  My breath caught when I saw you like that because you are nearly as long as your full size bed is wide.  It struck me right in my momma heart, you are growing and you are growing fast.  I lifted you up and put your head back on your pillow, pulled your sheet and blanket over you, and kissed your cheeks until you started to stir.  There is something about you sleeping so peacefully, it doesn't matter how trying our day was, I am a puddle of mush when I see you asleep.  All of the worries and fears of motherhood go away for the night because I am reminded that we are in this together and we are doing the best we can.

At four years old you have just one tiny bit of baby fat left behind your legs right above the backs of your knees, it's so cute - maybe I should take a picture :) I discovered it in church a few weeks ago and I'm glad I did because with how long and skinny your legs are I know it won't be there much longer.  You are happy to be out of school for summer break but ask daily if it's almost time to go back to school because "it's been a long time since I been there, momma".  You can write your name by memory and can write any other words I instruct you to as long as I spell it out.  You're very into drawing things like dinosaur bones, brains, etc.  but not so much people or objects on command.  You are great at coloring if you feel like it, but mostly you like to color quick and crazily.  You are ready to start reading and I think you will have it down this coming school year.  You can count into the forties by yourself and all the way up to 100 if I help you with 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90.  You love to be outside most but are obsessed with your animal collection that you have set up in your room so you play with that a lot too.  You receive three new lego sets for your birthday, the big boy legos, and I think we have a new hobby on our hands.  You don't care to ride your bike much but are a master scooter-er!  You're a picky eater like momma but will eat seafood unlike me.

I have a million and one things to say about you but the most important are that I love you so incredibly much and I am so, so proud of the boy that you are growing up to be.  You are independent, wild, and always up for a good time.  You are tender when it's necessary and never hesitate to tell me how much you love me.  You affectionally call me "bib" (a cross between babe and libby I think) and I hope you always do.   I am better for knowing, loving, and teaching you.

I love you the most!


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