Friday, August 5, 2016


there is definitely no theme for this five - life is crazy and random & i like transparency so yeah.

1// i thought i had a picture for this one but i don't at the moment so i'll have to add one tomorrow but we finally, finally, have some curtains up in our living/dining room.  the whole right side of our house is "open concept" which i typically love in a house but this particular style is extremely hard to work with.  anyway, we've been needing curtains forever but i couldn't commit to any because i didn't like any that were actually worth the price tag until a couple of weeks ago.  of course this didn't end up being an easy process so it comes with a story: i look online, come across some linen curtains from target and hey, they're on sale! order two curtains and a rod -- go to store to pick them up -- get ready to hang them up -- both too small for the window.  go back online -- order two more curtains (not available for store pickup) and a curtain rod.  go back to target to return first items and pick up curtain rod.  wait a week for curtains to come.  one curtain arrives.  i only ordered ONE curtain.  freak out, contact customer service because they're all sold out everything, decide to hang onto my one panel and pray they don't discontinue them.  three days later -- second curtain panel shows up.  i'm not an idiot after all, what a relief.

so once the curtains got hung up i had to rearrange all of the furniture because i am a rearranged-aholic and i can't help myself.

2// i'm equal parts excited and terrified for how busy life is about to get.  don't get me wrong, we are busy every single day but this is about to be a different type of busy that requires a lot of being places on time, early in the morning, everyday.  lord bless us, we are about to be tired.  i knew i was going to need a great planner to help me stay on top of things so i dropped the necessary funds on the mac daddy planner: erin condren - life planner.  she (the planner) is beautiful and i love scheduling stuff so much that write completely unnecessary things down. <<should type up a blog post, probably won't>>

3// it wouldn't be a post from me unless it had some sort of overly sentiment-ness to it so insert this: best moment i've had with cooper in awhile.  we let lose and played in the sprinkler (me fully clothed) and it was so fun.  he had me playing all these different silly games and we laughed and laughed.  both yesterday and today it has been so in-my-face apparent that he is showing me what life is truly about.  he is so quick to forgive, so easy to make laugh, always smiling, always inquisitive, i could go on and on.  he is absolutely 100% making me a better person. 

4// it looks like i'm going to be dropping another pretty penny on getting my hair re-done.  it's been almost two months since i chopped all of my hair off and had it dyed for the first time and unless i have the time to curl it, i don't like it.  the dye job is sub-par and looks horrible straightened so i have two options: 1) mom bun or 2) curled.  i'm sure you can guess how that goes everyday.  i found a stylist who does great work so next saturday my hair shall be fixed. 

5 // eric brought me home flowers tonight and this is the second time in a month! i love having flowers in the house and try to make a point to pick some up each time i do a big grocery ship (about twice a month) but i haven't this month and that sweet man of mine has surprised me two times now.  i love surprises. and him.  him more than surprises X 1000. 

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