Monday, August 29, 2016


weekends have quickly transitioned to looking a whole lot different than they used to.  nursing school  is seriously whooping me.  i knew it was going to be tough but ohmygawd. of course i still have my little ever so needy cooper so some things still look exactly the same. 

week three of nursing school starts today and we have our first test this week so my weekend consisted of a lot of flash cards.  too many flash cards. along with a trip to target saturday afternoon,  going to visit harrison at the hospital saturday night (asthma issues) that we followed up with the most delicious pizza and salad at falinies in atlanta.  sunday we did literally nothing but get some fro-yo in a neighboring town.  we're gone so much during the week now that we really needed to stay home and clean, play, repeat. 


eric has brought home flowers three times in the last month and a half! i got into the habit of buying some cheap flowers from kroger every other week when i did our big grocery shop but i haven't had to lately because he keeps surprising me with them.  something about having flowers around the house makes me so happy.  

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