Monday, September 26, 2016


the weekend wasn't long enough, but it never is. sigh.

friday // i came home friday night after clinicals to find that i had left my whole new bottle of creamer out on the counter - again.  yes i did the same thing just a few days before.  the whole making coffee for myself in the morning before rushing out the door thing is new to me and i apparently can't get that last key necessary step ingrained in my brain.  put the dang creamer back in the fridge!

speaking of creamer and coffee, whats your favorite K cup brand (I'm drinking Dunkins French Vanilla right now) and creamer? 

eric had to work friday night so we went to the square with my mom and niece to have dinner at our favorite pizza place, Your Pie, and then shop and let the kids run around.  the square has really taken off and we now have so many good restaurants and cute clothing boutiques.  by 6:45 payton and cooper had enough of each other (they had been together the entire day) and cooper was in desperate need of bedtime so we headed home and cooper was bathed and then asleep within minutes of hitting the pillow.  speaking of, cooper seems to have finally adjusted to not taking naps anymore so thats fantastic.  bedtime isn't taken over my over tiredness tantrums so we can enjoy it again and he is always asleep each night between 6:45 and 7. 

saturday // saturday didn't exactly start off on the best note due to my brilliant idea to drive over an hour away to pick up a hutch that was a good deal - but is going to require lots of pain to cover up its current red color.  eric and i bit each others heads off and cooper whined the whole time that he wanted to be home.  real life, guys.  that afternoon we were hosting erics nieces birthday party at our house so as soon as we got home i hit the ground running getting the house in tip top shape for 30+ people to come and destroy it.  haha but seriously why have i not learned to just clean after parties instead of before AND after? because i like to make my own life more difficult, that's why.  all was good and well until the very end of the party where a huge jug of apple juice got dumped all over my very expensive couch.  yes, i cried. 

that night eric was cleaning out his truck and remembered he had brought a piece of furniture home to see if i wanted it before he tossed it.  ummm..... i can't believe he forgot about it because i LOVE it and it totally made my night and completed our gallery wall area.

a bowl and some halloween decorations and wallah! now i just need a wire basket and a cozy blanket for underneath it.  always on the prowl for ways to copy up our home!

sunday // the highlight of yesterday was burgers on the grill and pasta salad for dinner.  poor cooper had a boring day where he had to occupy himself the entire day because eric had to work and momma had so much school work and sewing to do for LouLou Made.  we did break out of the house once but that was only to grocery shop.  

and that was our weekend! life is looking a whole lot different now that I'm in nursing school but trying to keep the fact that this is very much so temporary in the forefront of all of our minds.

++ random things ++

me & the birthday girl

coopers school had transportation day on friday and it was very exciting for the kids.  i was so sad that i didn't get to be there but he told me allllll about it.  tractors and firetrucks galore - this boy was in his element 100%.  cooper is doing so great in school and absolutely loves going.  i am so glad each and every day that i decided last minute to switch him to a new school.  he is learning so much and making new friends.  

now that fall is here things get busy (and expensive!).  we have birthdays galore coming up and then all of the holidays.  i am so excited as this is without a doubt my favorite time of the year!

also, i love pumpkin spice muffins but i don't know about all of the other pumpkin spice everythings. do you have a favorite pumpkin spice must try item?

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