Tuesday, November 1, 2016


my hulk, second one on the left

we have squeezed all of the fun to be had out of this halloween season! two trunk or treats, a halloween themed birthday party, a halloween class party, and a cousin halloween party. candy ga-LORE, we seriously have so much.  it will never all get eaten.  we also carved a pumpkin, visited the pumpkin patch, and had a special halloween dinner at nanny's house! all. of. the. fun. 

last night watching him run from house to house so excitedly was one of those moments that i wasn't quite so sad that he's growing up so quickly.  he is such a fun boy with the biggest personality and i know we're going to have the best time together the older he gets.  

we switched things up this year and went to a family friends house and then trick-or-treated around their neighborhood.  this neighborhood is one of the nicest in our town and the houses really do it up as far as decorating goes which Cooper loved.  

Cooper was absolutely done walking by the end of the night as evidenced by him laying on the ground while people walked all around him.  If it was socially acceptable I would have been right there with him! I'm so glad I decided to dress up this year, it really added to the excitement for Cooper.  As soon as I put my costume on and the red lipstick he said "momma you're so beautiful and I love your lips!" That boy sure does melt my heart.

Another great Halloween in the books, time to put up our Christmas tree!

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