Monday, November 21, 2016

lumberjack cooper

i'm really pretty decent at remembering to get pictures printed off and then always terribly disappointed with the quality of them because "hi, i'm libby and i only take iPhone pictures".  I've made it my personal mission to take more actual camera pictures and to learn to shoot in manual mode.  i totally suck at it but hopefully i'll get the hang of it sooner than later.

anyway, my sweet boy has been having a ball with the wood that is temporarily in our backyard - he loves to "do hard work" so he's been lugging large pieces of trees from one side of the yard to the other.  getting the job done, you go cooper! i love him and his desire to want to be outside all the time and not on the couch watching tv.

(seeing these pictures makes me realize that maybe we need to never go 4 weeks without a haircut again.  every three weeks it is)

sidenote: I've started working out and modifying my diet big time, one week in and i've worked out three times and eaten one cooked cookie and two pieces of cookie dough.  so far so good! i seriously freaked when i saw my weight last week, an easy way to kick this booty into gear apparently.

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