Monday, November 7, 2016


friday // night we were in the bed by 9 so i had a feeling it was going to be a good weekend.  couple that with the fact that the upcoming week held zero tests (for once!) i knew we were going to be able to actually get some things done. 

saturday // eric had to work and so did i, for a little bit, but thankfully my work just requires climbing about ten stairs and i can do it in my pajamas.  i promised cooper we would make it to the store to pick out some new christmas decorations and possibly take down our fall decorations and put out our christmas ones, so knocking work out of the way first thing was priority.

by 11:30 we were out of the house and headed to jim n nicks for lunch with all of erics family that lives in town and some of his family from out of town.  next up was Joanns to pick up work stuff, office depot to print out some christmas printables purchased from Etsy, and then finally, TJ Maxx so Cooper could pick out his christmas decorations.  we add to the stockpile every year because i love the idea of decorating throughout time as it passes rather than all in one day or season.  this year our house is looking especially festive and i know it will only get better!

i'm anxiously awaiting Trader Joes putting out their fresh garland again this year - it was my favorite thing about our house last year.  

we hurried home and got out our totes of decor and cooper excitedly went to town decorating! "Momma this will look GREAT here!" "oh momma I love this one so much" "I'm the best decorator Momma!" - yes he really says momma with just about every sentence he says, sometimes it drives me  batty but mostly i love it. after decorating we changed our clothes and were back out the door again, this time with eric, to go to a family surprise birthday dinner for erics brothers girlfriend.  

a busy and great day overall.

sunday // was a seriously long day that started promptly at 6am thanks to the time change.  we ate breakfast right away (strawberry cream cheese butter braid - tell me you've had one!) and were ready for lunch before church even started.  we made our way to town an hour before church started so that we could adventure around the square and get some energy out beforehand - me on foot and cooper on his scooter.  which reminds me, if you are looking for a great gift for your kid get them a Micro Scooter - best money ever spent on cooper.  after church it was a quick trip to get my eyebrows done, lunch at subway, and then back home.  a four year old boy has moved in right next door and we have entered into a whole new territory - i can't tell if i'm going to like it or not haha.  we played outside with the new neighbors while eric worked on rebuilding our back deck railings and then came inside to work and begin on dinner.  my sister and niece joined us for dinner and then cooper was in bed and asleep by 630! 

whew // so maybe TMI but that was our weekend!

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