Thursday, February 23, 2017

Dear Cooper at 4.5+ Years Old

It has been forever and a day since Ive done an update on Cooper and since the whole point of this space is document him and our life together -- i've got work to do!


Cooper James,

You have changed so much in the past three to four months.  You change so much every month but your independence has gone through the roof as of late and it seems like the biggest change of all.  You definitely need me less and that hurts, but makes me feel so proud too.  You brush your own teeth, completely dress and undress yourself, will bathe yourself if I leave you to your own devices to do so, help make your bed, help prepare your food, entertain yourself endlessly, and more.

You are flourishing at school and love to go.  In fact, you're sad to miss a day if the rest of your class will be there because you don't want to miss out on "all of the activities!".  You have made many friends and have yet to get in trouble at school, which I am really surprised about because you can be quite the talker and stinker sometimes! Your teachers are Mrs. Melissa and Mrs. Vivian and you especially love Mrs. Vivian, and her you.  You do lots of writing and practicing letters so that is one of your favorite things to do at home now.  One of the most impressive things you have learned this year so far is how to count to 100 by 10s, next stop is learning to count to 100 by 5s.  You are a quick learner if you're in the mood to learn and a lot like me in that way.

As of the past few days you have been tricking me and everyone around you.  Telling random people at the grocery store your birthday was yesterday, telling your nanny you can do or wear something that I said you can't, etc.  I can't say this is my favorite stage as I don't like sneakiness but I honestly don't think you're being sneaky - just too smart for your own good.  You love to get a laugh out of people and will go through extreme measures to do so - one of those things that I'm really glad hasn't carried over to your school classroom!

You're my little church buddy and we go to church together every Sunday.  You would always refuse to go to children's church unless Payton was with us but last week you went alone and did great! You'll be starting children's choir next week and we're both excited about that.  I want to provide you with a church family and really just as many people as possible to love and support you, and for you to love and support.

We didn't get to go on too many adventures last year but this year is shaping up to be a lot of fun! We are flying to New Hampshire for almost a week the second week of March and then in June we will be spending a week in the Bahamas for Aunt Beths wedding!  We will both be getting our first passports in a few weeks! I'm hopeful that I'll also get to show you the mountains this year, take another small beach trip, and visit a new state.  Your first couple of years of life we jam packed with fun travels and new experiences, I want to keep that going for us! Since you were born I've always said I'm going to show you the world :)

I love you so much my Jimmy Jame and I am so thankful for you.  You are my greatest gift from God and have given my life such an amazing purpose that I didn't have before you.  Being your momma has changed me in ways I never could have imagined - I am better because of you! I can't believe you will be 5 this year, it's so hard to grasp how quickly we have gotten here.  Kindergarten is just SIX months away.



PS one of the funnest things about you right now is your love for dressing up! You have a lot of dress up costumes - one day you're an indian, or hulk, or a fireman, or a police officer, or a doctor, or a bet, or a construction worker and the next you're something different.  You'll wear your capes or costumes out around town and it always brings smiles to people who see you.  You take your roll very importantly!

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