Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Checking In

currently: 3 weeks out from being done with my first year of nursing school and feeling so ready, I can hardly stand it

reading: I just finished Everything We Keep and started The Secret Wife. I really should not be reading anything but textbooks but sometimes my brain just needs a break

enjoying: Watching Cooper play baseball.  I had no idea just how much we would both love it.

eating: so differently than I ever have in my life before and I have 22 lost pounds to show for it! But seriously, mainly living on carbs for all of my life so far reallllllly packed the pounds on me.

anxious about: Cooper starting kindergarten in August. What? How? I am thrilled to death that he was accepted into our school of choice but I am so not ready for my baby to be in big kid school. Time is cruel.

excited for: Our 8 day stay in the Bahamas at the end of June.  It will be both Cooper and I's first time out of the country (besides me going to Canada several times growing up before passports were needed) and basically the most amazing trip ever! Oh and my sister is getting married while were there so, that too!

loving: The new snake plant I bought today! 

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